Even though the last day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) ended on October 31st, that is no reason to take your eye off cyber security. Awareness is the first step in keeping your data safe. However, please remember that cyber criminals are working hard at all times to crack into your systems with new and innovative ways.

Here are great tips derived from CIO Dive about ways to keep cyberattacks at bay, along with our thoughts on the subject.

Practice National Cyber Security Awareness All Year Long (NCSA)

  1. Shift your attention to better detection.
    It is a lot easier (and cheaper) to avoid a cyberattack than to try and come back from one. Just ask the folks from Equifax and Yahoo if they would do anything differently had they known the repercussions of their inactions.
  2. Review the Wrap-Up page on CyberTalks 2017.
    Even though this conference is over, spend some time reviewing the information on this page. Record the takeaways and implement them into your company where they make sense. As you are establishing the budget for 2018, consider putting next year’s conference into it.
  3. Follow these cyber security resources on Twitter.
    The three we recommend you follow and review at least once a day are:

    1. National Cyber Security Alliance @StaySafeOnline
    2. Cyber Security News @CyberSec_News
    3. Infosecurity Magazine @InfosecurityMag

There are others you can follow, but these resources have the most timely and relevant information in the industry.

  1. Make sure your Domain Name System (DNS) is backed up.
    Last year, when millions of individuals could not access the Internet due to the Dyn DDoS attack, it gave many CISOs pause. In order to avoid the problem of denial of service, it is essential to have a secondary or even a tertiary DNS provider.
  2. Be on the lookout for newer technology options.
    Quantum computing, facial recognition, two-factor authentication, and elimination of passwords are all things to watch in the coming years. Test and try them out slowly and work with your cybersecurity partner to understand the risks and rewards of each solution.
  3. Get involved in the Data Privacy Day on January 28.
    The theme of this day is to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. Follow the Privacy is Good for Business checklist to help build that trust with employees, vendors and your clients.
  4. Become a NCSAM Champion.
    Next May, you can sign up to become a National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) champion to help spread the word about cyber security to small and medium sized businesses.
  5. Add cybersecurity into your budget.
    From attack surface assessments to managed security services, it is vital you have cybersecurity services integrated into your budget. Not sure how much to budget? Contact Shellproof Security for a free consultation on the matter.

We Fully Support NCSAM

Our team at ShellProof Security strives to bring enterprise-grade cybersecurity to the small and mid-sized business. We fully support the eight practices listed above and know a single breach can be enough to put you out of business. Give us a call at 212-887-1600 to learn more!