If you know someone in the Information Technology field, they are probably commanding the salary they want at a company they enjoy working for. However, there is one exception: cybersecurity talent. Multiply a normal IT salary cap by several fold and increase the demand of this talent to the point of negative return, and hiring cybersecurity talent quickly becomes untenable for any small company.

Today’s blog post will look at the demand for IT talent in general, what colleges and employers are doing about it in the long run, and why you should consider outsourcing prevention, monitoring and training to cybersecurity experts today.

IT Stats


According to TechHire:

  • There are currently 530,000 unfilled IT job openings and at this current rate and speed, that number will increase to 1,000,000 by 2020.
  • There is only one college graduate for every six entry-level IT positions currently available.

The US Department of Labor forecasts the market for cybersecurity experts will grow 18% between 2014 and 2024.

The healthcare and manufacturing sectors are the most frequently hacked industries. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 55% of small- to mid-sized manufacturers have already experienced a breach. According to Cisco, one stolen health data record sells on the black market for $5 apiece.

Cyberthreats keep changing; today the concerns are with cracking into mobile and IoT devices. Tomorrow, the challenge may be wearables and driverless cars.

Alternative Ways to Keep Up with IT Demand


  • Take sharp, analytical company talent and enroll them in IT boot camps or other accelerated programs.
  • Work with organizations that can help bring a custom solution to the table. “We bring employers and recruiters to the table and look at how to build talent to spec. We’re exploring pilot projects that include apprenticeships, learn and earn models and work-based learning,” stated Courtney DeOreo, Director of Regional Information Technology Engagement (RITE) Board.
  • Colleges are starting this year to offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity with the first graduating class in 2021.
  • Consider outsourcing your cybersecurity needs.


3 Benefits of Outsourcing


  1. Certifications and Expertise
    Rather than grooming and training cyber talent in your organization, which may cost you thousands of dollars a year, turn to a trusted, educated and experienced firm to monitor and handle alerts on your network. No ramp-up time is required; the onus is on the firm to keep their skills sharp.
  2. Talent is Hard to Find and May Be Harder to Keep
    As a small to mid-sized business owner, it may be difficult to find the funding to pay a cyber professional what they are worth. You may hire and train an entry level person only to have them lured away to a bigger company in a short period of time.
  3. You Can Save Money
    When you outsource cyber assessment, prevention and monitoring, you are only paying for the services required at the time. There are no salaries, benefits or potential workforce productivity issues. You pay only for the services needed at the time they are needed.


About Shellproof Security

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  • Cyber-risk assessment, prioritization, and strategic cost-effective planning
  • Employee cybersecurity awareness training

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